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Hi, thank you for taking time to see the art I create.

I am an artist who has been challenged by my ADHD and Dyslexia; these stressors are tell tales to my creative work, impacts that continue to this day. ADHD and Dyslexia and its impacts are the lens through which I have been observing my world.  

M work focuses predominately on the many geopolitical issues associated with human caused environmental inequities and human environmental impact.

I ask my viewer to consider the images they observe, how long they spend viewing the images and for what duration.  Why, because this is an elemental part of my work; I observe individual images for hours, so much time that I begin seeing the complete detail of the image.

I began this practice while working on a past folio titled, “Parts,” in which I redrew satellite images of the USA nuclear test site, recreating the images as thousands of individual shapes of varying colors and hues. “Earth Observations”  continues the idea of “practicing observing,” drilling down and marking on top of single pixel image detail. 

In my present folio “Earth Observation” I added the additional practice of attempting to mark objectively, allowing patterns to emerge from the image data I marked. When completed, each image communicates a narrative of human activity and markings upon the earth.

My work represents my commentary on human impact.  I observe the scaring of the earth by humans.  My folios include ongoing works related to the following global issues.

•  Land Use Agricultural, Land Use Animal Husbandry, Land Use Energy Extraction, Conflict border issues, conflict war, archeological mapping of ruins, environmental issues predominantly.

Allan Rosen-Ducat


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 I attempt to offer a variety of my work on my site.
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My Specialties

Arizona Amethyst Cabochon Ring 5mm

Cabochons of many shapes and sizes.

Cabochons and jewelry available for purchase.

last light of day

Creative Mixed Media

My present folio is called “Earth Observations.”

Mashuga Moose

The wildly anticipated illustrated children’s book, “In The Time of The Dented-Pan and the Strange Quiet,” will be released in the coming months.


I have been a working photographer for my career. I shoot landscape and portraiture.

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