So what about this, “Mashuga Moose.”

Mashuga Moose watched as the moon rose from behind the eastern shores of Brandy Pond. The north wind had been blowing all day but had settled down in the last hours of daylight. The young moose stood quietly; he closed his eyes and listened to the pond’s waters as they rolled forward onto the beach sand and then back over itself, a sound repeated with a metronome’s timing.

A Moose’s Life

Mashuga Moose watching moon

He Can be full of adventure.

A Chocolate Mashuga Moose

Mashuga Moose always felt a need to be work outside the forest.

Announcing the pending release, OF...

I have submitted my illustrated children’s book, “In The Time of The Dented-Pan and the Strange Quiet,” to my publisher. I do not have a release date yet, but it’s moving along.


"In The Time of The Dented-Pan and The Strange Quiet"

How Does A Moose Stay Safe ?

Growing up as a moose was ok; life got difficult during the winter months, but we didn’t complain; we were and still are MOOSE. I am the author’s confidant, “Mashuga.” Allan Rosen-Ducat, my creator, writes funny yet poignant stories. The story goes that when Rosen-Ducat was a small kid, his parents sent him to summer camp in Maine. The boys’ camp was a challenging trip camp, at which Allan learned many camping skills in the woods. He loved Maine so much that Allan and his family, visiting Maine for fifty consecutive summer seasons; eventual moving to Maine, full season for nine years.

Rosen-Ducat is a broadly talented guy, a great photographer, a decent illustrator, and a cabochon artist who writes; as he says it in his conversational preamble, “I’m brutally ADHD, diagnosed at age fifty oh and Dyslexic.”

Rosen-Ducat’s core narriative for all his work is that of a “humanist and envoironmentatlist,” with most of his creative energy focuses on creating commentary against inequity and corruption.  Allan creates to bring smiles to others lips.

“My recent Earth Observations” are my observation of human activity that should be witnessed.  I mark, satillite images of, war, border issues, land use, agricultural and animal husbandy, energy extraction, mineral extraction, natural desasters, crime: I observe to witness and allow patterns to reveal themselves through my marking.”

Allan also remasted the well-known kids’ illustrated map, “The Land of Make Believe Map” by Jaro Hess. And of course there is the children book character named Mashuga Moose. Allan’s first book is being prepared for printing, “In the Time of the Dented-Pan and the Strange Quiet.”


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